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Hi Harmony,
You’ll want to check with your state requirements to see what you are required to keep as far as records go, if you’re in CO you can Google “colorado high school graduation requirements” if you want to stay in line with the public school district. You can also check with your local school district website for graduation requirements as well, and you can just follow your local district requirements.

That said, there aren’t official graduation requirements for homeschoolers in CO, you can get that info at

You’ll definitely want to create a transcript which also means you’ll need to track your grades. I do grades daily, and then at the end of each year print an updated transcript. That way I’m not trying to go back over three years to get it all organized at the last minute.

To answer your questions:
1. I do not keep tests etc. Most of our high school curriculum is online, so I suppose someone could go back and look there, but no, I do not keep hard copies of our school work. I just keep my online grading system and then I do print transcripts, hours, attendance reports at the end of each year to keep in a records binder. But it’s all online as well so I could re-print if I needed to.

2. There aren’t actually graduation requirements for homeschoolers in CO, so you can do whatever you like and graduate your student when you feel they are ready to move on. That said, I stick to our local school district requirements just because it makes sense to me. So my kids complete all of the requirements listed in the download in this eCourse.

3. As I mentioned above, you can usually find graduation requirements for your local school district on their website, or by googling “colorado high school graduation requirements”. As mentioned in the video lessons, I also find it helpful to contact prospective colleges/universities to see if they have specific entrance requirements as well.

4. You can include your curriculum on your transcript, but most colleges we talked to didn’t care what we used. They prefer the transcript to be simple and easy to read i.e. English 1 – 1 credit, English 2 – 1 credit, etc.

5. Typically a one-year long course is with 1 credit, and one-semester long course is worth .5 credits. Here is a link to help explain how the credit system works:

6. For our transcript writing goes underneath the English subject category. It is a separate course for us, so my kids take English Grammar and a Writing course separtely. Some curriculum combine them into one course.

7. Yes, IEW counts as 1 full English credit.

Hope all of that helps!